Our solution for the industry

Comprehensive presentation of the industrial plant was never easier.

Smart Model Tech App

Smart Model tech App for your webpage or to your office. Use a virtual guide to your plant, which in an easy and comprehensive manner will lead your guests through all interesting places and present relevant processes.

How will your company benefit?

  • Modern, interactive and flexitime presentation
  • An app available on any mobile device and in company’s office
  • An easy way to illustrate complex procedures

3D virtual plant mock-up

3D virtual model is a functional application for mobile devices and to the company's office. Used for the presentation of the electric plant, combustion plant, water treatment plant, sewage plant and others. It provides a top-down presentation of the plant.

3D plant visualisation and animation

Enables eye-catching and clear presentation of the industrial plant. It appeals to the imagination and persists in the customer's memory. Explains complex technological processes.

Interactive plant mock-up

Interactive plant mock-ups with a presentation controlled with an app. It is a great educational tool.

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