3D virtual mock-up
zakładu przemysłowego

3D virtual mock-up

A 3D virtual model of an industrial plant is an intuitive application for installation on a company's website or presentation at the company's offices on a touchscreen in 4K quality. It provides a top-down presentation of the company and is great for business, industry or educational meetings, where the modelled buildings, facilities and installations can be viewed from any side. The virtual model can be equipped with many functionalities, e.g. the choice of the order of walkthrough in the virtual facility, the choice of displaying processes, descriptions or views, so the presentation can be delivered in many ways and adapted to the amount of time and audience.

The 3D virtual model of an industrial plant is a virtual guide or an educational path. The app with its presentation of facilities and processes can be viewed in any browser or downloaded to your phone using a QR code.

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